CPH:LAB calls for projects on the topic of Protopia

A new world offers new opportunities. The well-renowned talent development programme CPH:LAB is reshaped in 2020/2021 as a response to a new global situation. As we peer into the future from our isolation, what kind of world do we want going forward? Join us for this year’s future-forward CPH:LAB! Submissions are open now until June 28, 2020.

The COVID-19 situation has brought a seismic shift to the media landscape, fast forwarded festivals into the digital future and served as a catalyst not only for new ways of working but also for reflections on what kind of world we would like to live in. The way you imagine the future changes what happens in the present. So what does it look like? 

The lab supports new immersive and interactive documentaries, and we are calling for projects on the subject of Protopia, a term coined by American Futurist Kevin Kelly, to deal with the idea that Utopia is unachievable but that civilisation change can be made incrementally. 

The first stage of CPH:LAB will take place over four months, from mid-September to mid-January, during which period the works will be created with input from the Head of Studies and an expanded team of international mentors. The completed works will premiere at CPH:DOX 2021.

CPH:LAB is CPH:DOX’s talent development programme that encourages creative risk taking, celebrates raw talent, facilitates collaboration across borders and business sectors and supports visionaries to push the existing boundaries of documentary filmmaking. The main focus is to strengthen and nurture a community of creative talents working on new forms of storytelling in digital formats.

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