CPH:DOX Live: this year’s online talks & debates

Although the 160 debates that were planned to take place in cinemas all around Copenhagen during CPH:DOX 2020 have been canceled, the conversations following the films are still of great importance - and CPH:DOX are determined to bring them online.

Deepening the film experience with insights and opinions from experts, debaters, researchers and filmmakers, is an essential part of CPH:DOX. Thus it is our honor to present our first ever digital debate programme.

With generous support from both the film's producers and panelists, we present a total of 15 debates following up a selection of highly varied films. All debates can be experienced for free and live throughout the festival at 4pm and 8pm daily. You can follow the debate either through a link on our website or on Facebook, where the debates will be broadcast live.

Make yourself comfortable on the couch, while enjoying these important conversations of a world that keeps on revolving, even when we need to stay at home.

See the full list of all online debates:

March 17 at 20:00:

Is the time ripe for Greenland’s independence from Denmark?

Meet politician Tillie Martinussen, activist Paninnguaq Heilmann, author Iben Mondrup and journalist Martin Breum.

Film: The Fight for Greenland

March 18, 8pm:

What explains the recent explosion of cocaine use among young people at parties?

Meet former drug user Julius Mygind, Kristian Holte Kofod (U-turn), Kirstine Marie S. Thomsen and drug abuse therapist René Jensen. Moderator: Michelle Færch.

Film: Show Dancer

March 19, 4pm:

What is on stake when one is on the run, escaping in the name of love? 

Meet comedian and actress Ellie Jokar, Head of Asylum at the Danish Refugee Council Eva Singer, and film director Eva Mulvad. Moderator: Lawyer and radio host Nima Zamani.

Film: Love Child

March 19, 8 pm:

Has Margaret Atwood created a new genre of dystopian literature?

Meet authors Siri Ranva Hjelm, Dennis Gade Kofod and Ursula Andkjær Olsen. Moderator: Literature critic Kamilla Löfström (Information).

Film: Margaret Atwood: A Word After a Word After a Word is Power

March 20, 8 pm:

What can black holes tell us about humanity?

Meet the director and Harvard Professor Peter Gallison in conversation with astrophysicist Marianne Vestergaard and Brooke Simmons . Moderator: Tina Ibsen (host of 'Rumsnak').

Film: The Edge of All We Know

March 21, 4pm:

What makes people commit murder?

Meet senior physician and senior researcher Anne Mette Brandt-Christensen in conversation with crime reporter and journalist Janni Pedersen.

Film: Crazy, Not Insane

March 22, 8pm:

Can a Russian system critic in exile make Putin’s house of cards tremble?

Meet Russia expert and author Leif Daviden in conversation with Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Moderator: Rusland-korrespondent Andrey Kazankov (Weekendavisen)

Film: Citizen K  

March 23, 8pm:

What is the effect of AI on the present and future of surveillance?

Meet whistleblower Edward Snowden in conversation with DR's science and technology correspondent Henrik Moltke.

Film: iHuman

March 24, 4pm

What should parents do when their child feels that they are assigned the wrong gender at birth?

Meet Helge Sune Nymand (Danish Support Association for Transgendered Children), Mette Ewers Haahr(Sexology Clinic) and Helle Jacobsen (Amnesty). Moderator: Søren Villemoes (Weekendavisen).

Film: Little Girl 

March 24, 8pm

What can the unique research of neurologist Oliver Sacks teach us about the brain?

Meet neurologist and brain scientist Troels W. Kjær (KU) and associate professor of psychology Signe Allerup Vangkilde.

Film: Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

March 25, 4pm 

What does the ceasefire in Colombia really mean, and is the conflict about to erupt again?

Meet lawyer Bjørn Elmquist, associate professor Julia Suárez Krabbe (Roskilde University), departing ambassador in Colombia Mogens Pedersen and director Tanja Wol. Moderator: Jørgen Laurvig.

Film: A Colombian Family 

March 26, 8pm 

Why does the 70-year-old photographer Martha Cooper mean everything to graffiti culture?

Meet musician Rasmus Poulsen (Raske Penge), Lars Pedersen (Institute of Urban Art) and DJ Katrine Ring. Moderator: Nanna Balslev.

Film: Martha: A Picture Story 

March 27, 8pm

Why is everyone talking about Tove Ditlevsen 40 years after her death?

Meet author Dy Plambeck and composer Jeanett Albeck (Sort Samvittighed). Moderator: Rasmus Quistgaard, Program Manager at Heartland.

Film: A Writer Named Tove

March 28, 8pm

What kind of concrete research is our knowledge of climate change based on?

Meet climate scientists Bo Møllesøe Vinther, Eliza Cook, Hans Christian Steen-Larsen, Sandra Cassotta and Jarl Krausing. Moderator: Climate journalist Adam Hannestad (Politiken).

Film: Climates Frozen in Time

March 29, 4pm

How is the new global climate movement in the process of reinventing democracy?

Meet Selma Montgomery (Fridays for Future), Esther Kjeldahl (Den Grønne Klimabevægelse) and Nynne Juul Nielsen (Extinction Rebellion). Moderator: Zakia Elvang (We Do Democracy).

Film: Now

March 30, 8pm

What does the representation of different women on film and in the media mean for the global women's movement?

Meet instructor of 'Woman' Anastasia Mikova and activist and contributor Emma Holten. Moderator: Journalist Elisabeth Hamerik Schwarz.

March 31, 8pm

Can artificial intelligence debate against a human being and win the discussion?

Meet Harish Natarajan (world champion debater), Noam Slonim (IBM Research Principal Investigator), Hayah Goldlist Eichler (IBM debating consultant) og Harry Spitzer (director). Moderator: TV host and technology expert Nikolaj Sonne.