The Smallest of Worlds

Interactive XR-Installation

We were locked in our homes for weeks. So, where in your apartment did you retreat? Where did you find rest to contemplate? What went through your mind in those moments?

In the face of the current crisis, solidarity and a sense of community no longer seems to be just an option of morale, but it becomes a necessity. To overcome states of emergency or even to understand them in the first place requires a common sense, a community network, a mutually equal exchange and understanding, a common reflection and processing. To take a look ahead and act forward, we need to look back collectively. Without a sense of common ground and shared empathy, we can’t imagine or even think of an improved state of our world.

The Smallest of Worlds is an immersive archive and time capsule based on global participation with the aim to create a collective memory composed of the most personal and intimate places and moments that have helped people to cope with the time of home quarantine and self-isolation. The project is concerned with the importance of storing and retrieving memories in times of crisis and speculates on how places of inscribed memories can become incubators for reflection, thinking difference and collectively imagining alternatives.