AI-Generated Interactive Documentary

MIMIC is an interactive, AI-generated experience where you and a neural network build a story together.

When you open our site, MIMIC will ask you a set of questions to uncover your underlining definition of humanity. The program will draw associations between your responses and a vast, growing collection of audio-visual material. In real time, MIMIC will create a unique montage of interviews, archival footage, user-generated content, sounds, and music from all over the world.

We are creating a spontaneous reflection of your relationship with humanity through the eyes of a machine. MIMIC is the storyteller, and you and everyone who has ever taken part in the experience are the writers. It is a visual dialectic tapping into your deepest nature designed by humans, facilitated by a machine.

Since the modern era, we have organized our civilizations around a collective belief in human exceptionalism. However, rapid developments in AI push us toward the juncture when we must face certain primordial vulnerabilities head on. Just as the science of yesterday killed gods, technologies of today will reveal fractures in what we believe to be most true about ourselves. MIMIC is a hand to hold as we reckon with our value as individuals.