Installation and location-based Augmented Reality

Ancient stories have renewed relevance as we face climate change. Up until the 19th century, humans had an intimate relationship with nature, and folklore played a central role in maintaining that connection. But the further we drifted from folklore, the more we accepted destroying our environment.

In Iceland, however, the folklore tradition is still alive and actively sparks environmental actions to protect its magical landscapes from harm. Could Icelandic folklore become a method for all of us to reconnect with the nature around us?

Kvöldvaka (Night Wakings) hails back to early human habitation. Storytellers travelled from home to home spinning tales for families as they rested in the inhospitable terrain. Huldufólk (Hidden People) is a piece of folklore from these Night Wakings. The Hidden People cannot be seen, yet are involved with the relationship between humans and nature. Those who are in tune with their surroundings can sense the energy and life embedded in the environment.

Using Mobile AR, Kvöldvaka guides participants in an interactive journey to open their third eye. As they become worthy to see the Huldufólk dimension, their relationship with nature changes forever.