Connections - No Human Is an Island

Interactive Web Doc

Connections - No Human Is an Island is an interactive web documentary and cross-platform project, conceptualized and orchestrated by director Suvi Andrea Helminen, produced by Ulrik Gutkin, CFC Short & Doc, and co-created with more than 40 people around the world. Since March we have been recording more than 100 personal stories from different countries - slices of life as they are happening - and how these change over time. Together they give insight into the collective feelings we share: during lock down (or the lack thereof), after re-opening and in the future. The stories are the building blocks for our interactive piece.

In the final piece the intention is that the audience will be able to mirror, remember and understand their own experiences in a larger perspective, because the whole world is meeting the same obstacle at the same time - a virus. Even though we are separated by country borders and increasing nationalistic tendencies, in some ways we are more united than ever through shared human experiences and emotions. This interactive piece seeks to enhance this solidarity, by focusing on the connections between us. We are co-developing the piece with creative technologist Kasper Bøttcher from Set Snail.