CPH:FORUM is CPH:DOX’s financing and co-production event dedicated to facilitate the development and financing of creative and visually strong film projects with international potential, whether they are features, series or new media projects.

CPH:FORUM is a three-day event taking place 24-26 March 2020. Over the course of the three days, top producers and highly acknowledged directors from all over the world will take the stage to pitch carefully selected projects in different pitch set-ups to an audience of industry professionals, including potential co-production partners, financiers and distributors.

This year CPH:FORUM will take place in a digital version where the projects will be presented in a online space allowing all CPH:FORUM delegates to watch the projects being presented. Pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings will be conducted online as well. The whole experience will be guided by the CPH:FORUM team who will always be there to help and assist.

Reflecting the overall profile of CPH:DOX, projects at CPH:FORUM are presented within five main categories:

  • FICTIONONFICTION: Challenging works in the hybrid landscape between fiction and non-fiction.
  • CINEMA: High-end theatrical feature-length documentaries with international distribution potential.
  • F:ACT: Projects bridging the fields of filmmaking, investigative journalism and activism.
  • ART: Film projects positioned in the borderland between art and film and screened both within the institution of cinema and that of visual arts.
  • SCIENCE: Creative documentary film and new media projects on science and technology.

You can find the selected projects of the 2019 edition above.

On top, we are proud to present the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award of €15,000 for the events best pitch. Also, we are excited about our continued collaboration with Kickstarter, who will be onboard to provide guidance and promotional support for all film projects that are participating in CPH:FORUM, including campaign strategy and outreach, tailored guidance for specific projects, press support and promotion.

CPH:FORUM 2020 online schedule

Monday 23 March
CET 15:00-16:30 CPH:FORUM x ART presentations

Tuesday 24 March
CET 10:00-12:00 CPH:WIP presentations
CET 14:00-17:00 CPH:FORUM presentations

Wednesday 25 March
CET 10:00-13:00 One-to-one meetings
CET 15:00-17:00 One-to-one meetings

Thursday 26 March
CET 10:00-13:00 One-to-one meetings
CET 15:00-17:00 One-to-one meetings


CPH:FORUM is primarily for producers and directors with selected projects and a wide variety of decision makers and stakeholders, interested in active attendance. A limited number of seats are available to professionals who wish to attend the three-day financing event as observers with priority given to producers.

For questions regarding CPH:FORUM, please contact forum@cphdox.dk.

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